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Mediator in Sofia Bulgaria

Mediator in Sofia
Mediator in Sofia
Mediator in Sofia
Mediator in Sofia
Mediator in Sofia

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Daniela Golemanova - the certificate Mediator with experience in the field of commercial, family and cross-border mediation, registered with registration number 20120425001
in the Consolidated Register of Mediators in the Ministry of Justice of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Mrs. Golemanova, as Mediator, can help you to resolve through mediation the following items:

1. Commercial disputes - Disputes between traders. Confusions and conflicts in business transactions.

Disputes between partners in commercial enterprises. Disputes with banks and financial institutions as well as other financial disputes. Disputes with the origin of competition or intellectual property rights, etc.

2. Disputes in the area of Insurance – insurance policy, payment of insurance benefits and others.

3. Labor disputes according to the labor contracts - conclusion and benefits, redundancy and termination, compensations and wages, length of service, collective bargaining agreements and others.

4. Illegal damage - property and non-pecuniary damage

5. Disputes concerning rental relations - disputes at a rental price, removing a tenant from premises, and more.

6. Consumer disputes - warranty terms and claims for bad quality of goods and services.

7. Disputes in the sphere of construction – arose between citizens, between citizens and builders, architects, designers, between contractors and builders, etc.

8. Public interest disputes - ecological, ethnic, politic, etc.

9. Family disputes - family disputes and disputes related the relationship after divorcing.

10. Managing agreements as result of commercial, consumer or family mediation.

11. Cross-border mediation - out-of-court settlement through mediation of commercial, consumer, family disputes between parties, located on the territory of different countries.

Charges, paid from the parties involved in mediation

1. The parties, involved in mediation, should pay a registration charge and remuneration of the mediator (mediators).

2. The parties, submitting an application, have to pay a registration charge in amount of 50 leva for providing the initiation of the mediation process.

2.1. The registration fee covers the administrative costs of organizing preparatory activities before starting the main mediation. This charge is paid by the parties only once on the day of application and it is non-refundable.

3. The remuneration of the chosen mediator is 65 leva per hour (one hour = 60 min.).

3.1. When the mediator is more than one in co-mediation, the remunerationis paid separately to each of the mediators.

3.2. The parties pay the remuneration to the mediator before each mediation session (general or individual). In case of the duration of the session is more than one hour, the due remuneration is paid by the participants after the end of the session depending on the spent time.

3.3. Any part of a mediation process can determine in advance the duration of each meeting and mediator has to respect this condition.

3.4. According to require of the parties and the requests of part of them, the session can hold on weekends and holidays. In these cases, this remuneration increases by 20%.

3.5. For sessions outside Sofia, the parties pay to the mediator all travel and accommodation costs.

For additional services, the parties pay the following charges:

1. For preparation of transcripts or other technical services related to the mediation, parties pay added charge of 20 leva in advance.

2. For the issuance of certificates or other necessary supporting documents by an official state, municipal or judicial authorities, the parties have to pay all due state charges and other additional costs in case of assignment to the mediator to take action on their receipt.

3. For sending documents, by mail in the country or abroad, the charges are determined depending on the postal expenses.


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