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Advogada Daniela Golemanov

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The Lawyer Daniela Golemanova
Lawyer Daniela Golemanova graduated in Law at Sofia University in 2000.

Acquires legal capacity after passing examination in the Ministry of Justice - Certificate of competence of May 2001.

In December 2002, she enrolled in the Bar Association as a qualified lawyer.

She has participated in the drafting and amendment of several bills at the 41st National Assembly in Bulgaria, including the Spatial Planning Act and the Condominium Property Management Act.

She is practicing in Civil Law, Real Estate, Obligations Law, Commercial Law, Labor and Insurance Law, Administrative Procedural Law, Banking Law and International Private Law.

Representation in the Civil Procedure in cases of divorce, in labor cases, in civil, commercial and administrative cases.

The Lawyer D.Golemanova provides legal services for Bulgarian and Foreign companies, including legal services by subscription.

Certified Mediator at the Ministry of Justice since 2011.

In her secondary education, she studied at the Josina Machel High School in Maputo, Mozambique, where she lived in the period 1976-1980.

Excellent English and Portuguese language skills in use.



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