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Good Lawyer in Sofia Bulgaria

Corporate Lawyer in Sofia
Corporate Lawyer in Sofia
Corporate Lawyer in Sofia
Corporate Lawyer in Sofia
Corporate Lawyer in Sofia
Corporate Lawyer in Sofia

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- Registrations of commercial companies and non-profit legal entities in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency.

Collaboration and assistance with the registration of commercial companies and non-profit legal entities. Registration of new emerged circumstances at the company accounts in the Commercial Register.

Conversion and dissolving of commercial companies and sole trade companies. Writing drafts of necessary register documents and representation to the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency for the initial registration of companies under the Bulgarian legislation, registration of foreign entities as partners in Bulgarian companies, registration of branches of companies’ changes at the accounts of companies already registered.

- Assistance and representation related to the corporate organization of the companies including preparation the holding of General Assemblies of the companies, the contesting decisions of the General Assembly, the Constituent Assemblies, and preparation drafts of all necessary documents in this context.

- Drawing up ofcompanies’ statutes, articles of association/partnership, corporate agreements, minutes, invitations, decisions and other internal acts of companies. Conversion of commercial companies –mergence, acquisition, separation, division.

Legal services and consultancy relating to the liquidation and insolvency of commercial companies.

- Drawing up drafts, negotiations and conclusion of all types of contracts under Commercial Law as Contracts for the sale of goods or services, Distribution and Commission contracts, Lease contracts, Loan and Credit agreements, Transport contracts, Leasing contracts, Contracts with a clause of arbitration and legal consultations in commercial transactions.

- Assistance in the issuance of licenses, certificates and other necessary acts for carrying out the business.

- Drawing up drafts of notarial deeds and all types of proxies.

- Formulation the texts of the drafts of certifications, notary invitations and other types of deeds, relating to the voluntary execution of obligations.

- Assistance and representation of clients in in deals and preventive administrations of notarial justice;

- Legal advices about conclusion of different types of trade agreements and deals, drawing up the drafts of contracts and agreements;

- Consultations in the executive process and assistance in the issuance of the receiving order, representation and legal protection in the executive process.

- Representation with civil litigation, with arbitration cases and with all court instances on the territory of Bulgaria.

- Alternative resolution of disputes and out of court agreements.


- Consultations, legal assistance in the conclusion of all types of civil contracts and agreements–preliminary and notary contracts for purchase and sale of real estates.

Contracts for leasing operations. Contracts for leasing of properties and other mobile objects.Supplying contracts. Sales contracts and donation contracts. Contracts for transport.

Credit agreements and loan contracts.Contracts for deposit, pledge, exchange. Contracts for acquisition of a property with obligations of keep and care. Guarantee contracts.

Commissions’ contracts.

Distribution contracts and agency contracts.

Franchising contracts etc.

- Legal advices, exploring property, mediation in search of real estate, drawing up the draft of preliminary contracts and the notary deeds with assistance with the notary.

- Drafts of contracts for the sale of vehicles and assistance before the notary.

- Drawing up drafts of all deeds including holding deeds for sale and purchase, donation, transfer the ownership of properties, constitution the rights in rem in immovable property including the rights of construction and of use,constitution of contractual and legal mortgages.

- Drawing up all contracts, proxies, certificates, invitations with notary verification.

- Management of condominiums.

-  Legal representation in litigation of unjust enrichment, to announce a preliminary contract of sale of real estate for final contract, non-execution of contracts;

- Termination of contracts - judicial and extrajudicial;

- Establishment and registration of collaterals and guarantees under contracts - mortgages, foreclosures, pledges, etc.

- Execution of collateral –distrains/attachments/ foreclosures and enforced execution for cash receivables.


- Consultation and legal assistance in transactions related to the acquisition and disposal of real estate and movable property.

- Investigation of the property's real estate status.

- Presentation of detailed legal opinions and analysis of the history of property rights.

- Assistance in negotiating and concluding a contract to transfer the right of ownership, as well as representation before a notary in the transaction.

- Drawing up the drafts of preliminary contracts for sale and purchase of real estate and constitution of right of construction in rem in property.

- Construction contracts - drafts, execution and non-execution;

- Legal assistance to obtain permits and other construction papers, project visas, the approval of investment projects, the issuance of building permits, permits to use buildings built.

- Assistance in procedures for the modification of spatial and cadaster plans.

- Consultations on financing projects by credit institutions;

- Collaboration in foreign investments in the real estate sector;

- Provide assistance in carrying out the transactions before a notary, before the state authorities and before the authorities of the local administration;

- Representation in litigation in real estate litigation - property, partition, existence of limited rights in rem in property etc.


Law Office Daniela Golemanova can advise you in the field of family arrangements and inheritance, guardianship, change of name, divorce, custody of the children, determination, increase or decrease and termination of the keep.

Establishment or impugnation of filiation.

Establishment or alteration of the regime of proprietary relationships in the marriage, drawing up of marriage contracts, divorces by mutual consent or by claim.

Partition of property after divorce. Legal assistance and drawing up of wills, inheritance and succession. Partition of property - voluntary extrajudicial partition or by court order.

/for legal entities and non-profit companies and organizations/

- Verbal and written consultations on the case, topic or question submitted.

- Drawing up civil, commercial and other corporate and administrative documents and deeds, daily necessary in the activity of the company;

- Legal services with commercial transactions and negotiations.

- Professional assistance in the drawing up the labor contracts, requests, job descriptions

- Representation before all administrative institutions and authorities.

- Assistance in enforcement cases.

- Representation in civil and trade litigations.

- A contracted price for the entire subscription period.


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